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Traducido del Inglés por Rico Noguchi & Jennifer Torpoco Medina
(Click here to read in English)

Timorell, amigo creativo de Asobi NY y hombre muy trabajador, dio a luz a un nuevo Neoyorquino llamado ‘TAINT o “PUNTO G” en Abril. Le hice algunas preguntas sobre el show y estas fueron sus palabras:

My New Sexual Being

by Joe Fisher
(Leer en Español)

Before we begin I just want to be clear: the relationship I have with my partner is okay just the way it is. There has been no sex between us for about two years, and to be honest, this is a mutual understanding. He's my best friend and my life partner. We are in a life together that I would have never predicted or tried to understand. And yet, my own sexual being is continually seeking more and evolving into needs that I am anxious to try...