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Sex in the Age of Truvada

When I arrived in New York, the Twin Towers had already disappeared. I saw the 9/11 tragedy unfold, like most of the world, live on TV. The fact that I wasn’t physically here then didn’t diminish the sadness I felt for New York and the shock of not understanding how such a disaster could happen in the greatest city in the world.

Quickly after moving to New York City in 2007, I realized that the 9/11 memories were still fresh and alive. The war in Iraq was ongoing and conspiracy theories behind the attacks were strongly being shared on and off-line. With a clear date marked on the calendar as a day to “never forget”, It was impossible even then, not to feel vulnerable and hurt when September came by. It would be naive to say that Americans, and especially New Yorkers, feel any different now.

Age of Consent premieres in New York City (Saturday, July 26th)

Age of Consent  premieres in New York City on Saturday, July 26th at NewFest 2014, New York’s premier LGTB film festival.

The documentary by Todd Verow and Charles Lum, which had its world premiere in London in March this year, focuses on the leather scene in London, but the ramifications of the leather culture as being portrayed in the film bring part of the narrative to New York City.

Rico Noguchi was cast as the only NYC leatherman in the film, with a cameo appearance that we’re looking forward to seeing in the big screen.

If you would like to attend the premiere of Age of Consent in New York City, we have two tickets to give away! To win, simply leave a comment below or “Like” this post on our Facebook page.

Age of Consent screens on Saturday July 26th at 11:30PM at the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center. For tickets, visit

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