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Bruce LaBruce Retrospective at MoMA
& why Super 8 1/2 is his seminal film

Illustrations by Karen Bu

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has been battling harsh criticism recently not only for “its overall direction but also about its director” Glenn D. Lowry; with the New York Times describing the museum as “cold and corporate ... and often out of touch with the sensibilities of contemporary artists.” The expansion of MoMA for example, “which will create an ‘art bay’ open to West 53rd Street,” has made New York magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz call the museum a “business-driven carnival;” while the current “Bjork” retrospective has been described as “embarrassing”, “disappointing” and a “disaster” by the New Yorker, The Economist and Vulture magazines respectively. So when I read on Next-- the free weekly self-appointed “New York’s Gay Guide” that MoMA was organizing a retrospective of the films by Bruce LaBruce at the end of April, I couldn’t help but wonder in awe at the museum’s staunch strategy of marching to the beats of their own drum.

Siete cosas que aprendí de los Indios de las Planicies:

Una exhibición en el Museo de Arte Metropolitano de Nueva York

Por Claudia Urbano
(Click here to read in English)

Este era mi primer fin de semana en Nueva York después de diez años. La Gran Manzana es para mí, el perfecto ejemplo de una ciudad cosmopolita y agitada que siempre está mirando hacia adelante. Pero esta vez, Nueva York me dio la oportunidad de tomar una viaje a través del tiempo de la mano de una comunidad que permanece prácticamente invisible en la sociedad estadounidense.

Seven things I learned from “The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky”

By Claudia Urbano
(Leer en Español)

The Big Apple is to me, the epitome of a busy, cosmopolitan city that is always looking forward. On this occasion though, my first weekend in New York after ten years, the city gave me the opportunity to take a trip back in time with a community that is mostly invisible in American society. I am talking about the exhibit titled “Plains Indians: Artist of Earth and Sky” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit is a celebration of the art, artists and history of Plains cultures from across North America, dating as far back as 2000 years ago to the present through clothing, painting, drawing, embroidery, and sculpture.