Asobi NY





Asobi is a Japanese word that means fun or play, and its connotations are varied, from the innocent to the kinky. In a nutshell, ASOBI contains the spirit of our company and our work: to dedicate our life to the pursuit and perfection of our passions while reminding ourselves that our path is that of joy and celebration, despite of the struggles. The way to achieve a state of asobi is by creating a positive effect in our community, helping others heal first and bringing more meaning to their lives.

ASOBI NY is a production company involved in the creation, promotion, education and diffusion of music, literature, performing and visual arts as well as the organizer and producer of spiritual and healing workshops. We draw on shamanic practices from North and South America and lessons from Eastern spiritual practices like Tantra to inspire our work. Our productions are based on these ancient techniques that we use in the present for ourselves and our community.

Specifically important to us are works that inspire and motivate others to enjoy life, accept change, take risks and help others make difficult decisions for the benefit of spiritual advancement. We believe that artists are healers. Our commitment extends to creating written material, spoken word, audio visual works, music and live performances as well as promoting the works of independent filmmakers, photographers, writers, musicians and performance artists in different genres who strive to create, through their work, a positive effect on people.

In addition, the organization offers workshops that promote different methods of healing and spiritual growth which will be focused on North and South American shamanic tradition, especially from Peru. Our target audience is the world, but our most immediate niche is the gay, bisexual or open community of the city of New York.

Mission Statement:

Many cultures, including the indigenous ones of the Americas like the Maya, Hopi and Inka, have prophesized a shift in human consciousness at this point in our history. What we can anticipate is fundamental change in the way that humans interact with their surroundings. Instead of the masculine values of occupation, domination, and control of nature that has left humanity with wars, famine, and gross inequities, humans will begin moving towards the feminine spirit of communion and cooperation with nature. This shift presents an opportunity for healing, both of humans and of the Earth, which ultimately are one and the same.

ASOBI NY believes that artists are healers and through them we can channel this shift in consciousness to help people heal. Through creating and diffusing the arts as well as spiritual and healing workshops, we aim to motivate people to take more risks, advance spiritually, enjoy life, help others, and foster the full expression of the sacred power that already exists within all of us. We are committed to bringing a positive change, starting with the NYC gay, bisexual, and open community, and pushing forward until we reach all individuals worldwide.

Our Vision:

  • Create and publish diversified creative works digitally and maintain blog sites.
  • Communicate Asobi’s philosophy through social media networks and print.
  • Publish digital material for a fee pertaining to Asobi’s broad interest, such as collections of interviews with various artists, booklets of photography from artists associated with the company, etc.
  • Publish digital booklets and limited edition printed material will be available for distribution through Asobi’s website.
  • Offer coverage of concerts, events and workshops related to bands, artists, healers and teachers Asobi promotes.

Asobi will significantly expand its network as the company becomes better established.