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PrEPostEROS® Zine Official Launch!

PrEPostEROS® Asobi NY’s quarterly post-queer zine, will have its official launch this Saturday, June 18 at the FASHION 2 FETISH RUNWAY SHOW & ROOFTOP PARTY organized by Progressive Pulse at The Eagle NYC.

Noche Futura: Sprinkling the World with ‘Synthpop en Español’

Translated from Spanish by Rico Noguchi
(Leer en Español)

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Pet Shop Boys Latinos’, Rico Noguchi gets Noche Futura to talk about their debut album and the inspiration behind their music videos.

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Asobi NY and Progressive Pulse team up to bring one Instagrammer VIP Guest to AfroPunk ’15 FREE!

As a way to celebrate the great line-up at this year’s Afropunk Festival taking place this Sat. 22nd and Sun. 23rd at Commodore Barry Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn; Asobi NY and Progressive Pulse are teaming up to invite one Instagrammer music lover to cover the festival in pictures and hash tags for Asobi NY’s newly opened-Instagram account, as a VIP Weekend Guest for Free!

Bruce LaBruce Retrospective at MoMA
& why Super 8 1/2 is his seminal film

Illustrations by Karen Bu

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has been battling harsh criticism recently not only for “its overall direction but also about its director” Glenn D. Lowry; with the New York Times describing the museum as “cold and corporate ... and often out of touch with the sensibilities of contemporary artists.” The expansion of MoMA for example, “which will create an ‘art bay’ open to West 53rd Street,” has made New York magazine’s art critic Jerry Saltz call the museum a “business-driven carnival;” while the current “Bjork” retrospective has been described as “embarrassing”, “disappointing” and a “disaster” by the New Yorker, The Economist and Vulture magazines respectively. So when I read on Next-- the free weekly self-appointed “New York’s Gay Guide” that MoMA was organizing a retrospective of the films by Bruce LaBruce at the end of April, I couldn’t help but wonder in awe at the museum’s staunch strategy of marching to the beats of their own drum.

Seven things I learned from “The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky”

By Claudia Urbano
(Leer en Español)

The Big Apple is to me, the epitome of a busy, cosmopolitan city that is always looking forward. On this occasion though, my first weekend in New York after ten years, the city gave me the opportunity to take a trip back in time with a community that is mostly invisible in American society. I am talking about the exhibit titled “Plains Indians: Artist of Earth and Sky” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibit is a celebration of the art, artists and history of Plains cultures from across North America, dating as far back as 2000 years ago to the present through clothing, painting, drawing, embroidery, and sculpture.

A Reflection on Björk, “A Mid-Career Retrospective”

By James Alejandro Escobar
Illustration by Karen Bu

It seems as though Björk is finally no longer known only as “the one that wore the Swan Dress” or “the crazy lady that attacked a news reporter”, two moments the artist has been well known for over time. Currently, she is being recognized for the immense body of work she has created over the past 30 years or so which encompasses music, fashion, video art, package design, cinema, photography as well as many other mediums and often in collaboration with a huge collection of other artists. With the release of her latest album titled Vulnicura, her “Mid-Career Retrospective” at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City and her New York residency including six shows in the New York area; her music and artistry seems to be getting the recognition it should.

Tribeca Film Festival

Shorts: Interference

The Tribeca Film Festival, which runs until the 26th of April, is showcasing several short films grouped by ‘themes’, a daunting task that falls under the responsibility of Sharon Badal, Director of Short Film Programming and Initiatives for the TFF. According to Badal, there were over 3,000 submissions this year but only 60 short films were selected...

The Dream of the Rock Star

by Rico Noguchi

(Leer en Español)

David Bowie is on a world tour in case you didn’t know; one that kicked off in London in March 2013, the same month in which Next Day, Bowie’s latest album, was released. Following London, “David Bowie Is” has taken up temporary residency in Toronto, Sao Paulo, Berlin and most recently, Chicago, where it opened in September last year.

ASOBI NY 2014 Top 10

Compiled by Rico Noguchi
(Leer en Español)

These are our favorite albums of 2014. Yes ALBUMS! Which means, a good amount of great work from these artists that demand our attention.

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Age of Consent premieres in New York City (Saturday, July 26th)

Age of Consent  premieres in New York City on Saturday, July 26th at NewFest 2014, New York’s premier LGTB film festival.

The documentary by Todd Verow and Charles Lum, which had its world premiere in London in March this year, focuses on the leather scene in London, but the ramifications of the leather culture as being portrayed in the film bring part of the narrative to New York City.

Rico Noguchi was cast as the only NYC leatherman in the film, with a cameo appearance that we’re looking forward to seeing in the big screen.

If you would like to attend the premiere of Age of Consent in New York City, we have two tickets to give away! To win, simply leave a comment below or “Like” this post on our Facebook page.

Age of Consent screens on Saturday July 26th at 11:30PM at the Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center. For tickets, visit