Asobi NY

is a production company involved in the creation,
promotion, education and diffusion of music, literature,
performing and visual arts. . .
Photo by: George H. Lewis
as well as the organizer and producer of
spiritual and healing workshops.
Photo by: George H. Lewis
We draw on shamanic practices from North and South America
and lessons from Eastern spiritual practices
like Tantra to inspire our work.
Photo by: Rico Noguchi
We believe that artists are healers.
Photo by: Gerry Visco
We dedicate our lives to the pursuit
and perfection of our passions while reminding ourselves
that our path is that of joy and celebration,
despite the struggles.
Photo by: Rico Noguchi

Asobi NY recognizes the importance of promoting wholeness within the LGBT community . 

“Some gay persons reading about traditional Tantra may get the erroneous idea that Tantra’s heterosexual imagery does not apply to gay-identified persons. In fact, part of the conjoined male and female figures is that spiritual wholeness requires a union of “male” and “female” within each of us. I believe those who achieve a fully integrated gay identity accomplish this goal as part of the process. From a tantric perspective, therefore, a gay identity or gay consciousness is an advantage, more “spiritual” than a non-gay, gender-polarized identity or more limited consciousness. Tantra would have us all become more gay in the sense of integrating the male and female within ourselves regardless of the gender of our sexual/romantic partners.”
William Schindle in Gay Tantra.